LiLiPearl Are Always Appropriate


Spotted: A top-selling independent boutique founded by an actress/model

LiLiPearl is an independent fashion label that reflects a minimalist-chic tone through hand-made embellished clothing. The elaborate designs is influenced by the brand’s inspiration of combining lounge-wear and party-wear, to ensure that customers look sophisticated and elegant at all times.

Founded by actress and model Chelsea Pearl Li, the fashion e-tailer became the official number one top-seller on Depop, out of three million users worldwide, in June 2015. After selling over 5000+ items through the combination of different stockists of Depop, SilkFred and Ebay, the brand expanded their business venture through the establishment of their own e-commerce website in July 2016. The online success through its soaring sells has cemented a world-wide popularity on both social media and among the media press, with over 50k followers on all of their social media platforms combined.


Bronzer LiLiPearl Handmade Lace Bralet (Left) - £39.99
Ana Gold LiLiPearl Handmade Lace Bralet (Centre) - £38
Rose Gold Halterneck Pink LiLiPearl Handmade Lace Bralet (Right) - £35

LiLiPearl takes pride into carefully curating their hand-made products to produce it to a high quality standard. The UK based label ensure that the fair-trade standards are met, which reflects on their sustainable and respectable ethos within the fashion industry. From dresses to lingerie, they create distinct designs to make the item more edgy, elegant and exquisite. The bralets has become the brand’s signature look, following from its increasing popularity amongst customers and social media through their embroidered and embellished designs.

With the option to alter your purchase, LiLiPearl gives customers control to adjust the item to their personal style, as well as their size and height. Despite only offering delivery to UK customers, the delivery cost are as low as 99p. LiLiPearl has an eclectic range of opulence clothing with the designs and styling of the clothing giving that deluxe touch.

Feel The Pearls With LiLiPearls

*All pictures belong to LiLiPearl*



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