Stamp A Fashion Statement With Havva


Spotted: A footwear brand that celebrities & influencers are strutting and sashaying in

Havva is a luxury footwear e-tailer brand that provides a range of edgy aesthetics of studs, sturdy block heels and slogans, to personify the bold, rebellious attitude that is identified in punk, rock and avant-garde designs.

The eponymous label, which was founded by shoe-artisan and Central Saint Martins Lecturer Havva Mustafa, has garnered attention with their strong celebrity/influencers following. Stars like Lady Gaga and Paloma Faith and model Zara Martin have been seen endorsing the brand’s key pieces through social media and public appearances, as well as frequent recognition from the rising press attention since it has been seen in fashion shows/events in major fashion capitals. Also, they have been featured in established fashion editorial and digital publications, such as, Vogue Italia, Instyle, Elle UK, The Blonde Salad, Stylist and Bricks.


Worst Behaviour Boots From SS18 Collection - £420 
(Available in Red/Black/White/Silver)

Havva‘s colour combination, slogans and embellishments reflects fashion’s cutting-edge take on popular culture, with the frequent use of leather representing the opulence of the brand. The style and designs emphasize the fiery tone that the brand sets to convey, especially with slogans like “Worst Behaviour”. The collection of the sturdy-heeled leather boots have become the brand’s signature look, following from the increasing exposure, whether it has a slogan, studs or embroidery tattooed to the leg of the boots. As well as its own e-tailing site, Mustafa’s line is also featured on Italian luxury retailer as a stockist, where the first collection was a quick sell-out.

Havva has allowed women to become sassier and empowered through the style of the shoes and the eclectic designs, which embodies a strong, edgy and trendy attitude and challenges the repetitive styles within the fashion industry. The brand’s individuality, which the product exudes, has become a hit with blogs, fashion hotlists and social media and has enabled women to express their personal styles and embrace the inner fashion rebel in them with pride.

Stamp A Fashion Statement With Havva!

*All images belong to Havva*



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