Swimwear Wishlist Edition: Holidolls Luxury Swimwear


Spotted: A Swimgerie brand that uses Swarovski crystals

Holidolls is a swimgerie brand that offers deluxe collections of swimwear to customers who want to sparkle, shine and stand-out on holidays and get-aways.

With each and every item from the brand made in Italy; one of the most prestigious fashion capitals in the world, this swimgerie e-tailer incorporates Swarovski crystals that emphasizes the use of luxury and high-quality materials within their designs. The brand infuses Mediterranean-influenced high fashion into swimwear, which has been noticed by customers as the brand has accumulated over 10k followers through the multi-channels of social media.


Fiji Blue Ombre (Left) - £911
Cannes (Middle) - £534
Cannes Peach (Right) - £802

As Holidolls combines a range of structured, edgy and embellished designs with comfort and wear-ability, it ensures that the brand’s ethos encapsulates the essentials of a women’s desires of empowerment and confidence.

Whether it’s bikinis and swimsuits, Holidolls embraces diversity and femininity with the three current collections they are offering. The Jet collection consists of bikinis that gives customers access to affordable luxury. This is the most affordable out of the three collections which ranges from £198 -£224.

The Couture collection embodies the premier glamour, in which the key pieces are bejewelled with Swarovski crystals. The items are hand and custom-made into the timeless designs that this range provides. Also, it includes the use of the plush power mesh material on the bikinis and swimsuits, which ensures the support and comfort whilst complimenting your body shape/figure.

The Classic collection consists of the most wanted key pieces that are designed to keep all eyes on you. With the designs being influenced by popular holiday hotspots, the gems and Swarovski crystal embellished on the items emphasizes the combination of the exotic and sophisticated beauty that the brand seeks to translate. It has a mixture of bikinis, trikinis and swimsuits, which offers an eclectic range for customers to choose from.


Monaco Luxe (Left) - £282
Puerto Rico (Middle) - £576
Puerto Banos (Right) - £220

Holidolls naturalistic approach to glamour has shown that anyone deserves to look their best at all times. The timeless designs that feature Swarovski crystals and the use of power mesh materials show how universal the products can be, as it compliments the body shape through the material control of flattening, slimming and accentuating the assets of the body figure.

Be Luxurious with Holidolls!

*All pictures belong to Holidolls*


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