Put The Snazz in Nazz Collection

Nazz Collection

Spotted: A fashion brand that transitioned from e-Bay to their own website

Nazz Collection is a fashion e-tailer that supplies a variety of party-wear clothing, that will suit any type of special occasion; whether it’s an award show, birthday party or prom.

The London based e-tailer originally created an eBay e-Commerce site, in which the foundations of the brand was created. Now being featured in the press and  various celebrities’ social media accounts, it has established an over-whelming online presence with over 100k on all social media combined (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook).


Left Playsuit: Nude Sheer Plunge Gold Sequin Tassel Fringe Playsuit - £37
Middle Dress: Rose Gold Luxe Sequin Embellished Transparent Midi Dress - £58
Right Dress: Luxe Black Nude Victorian Sequin Illusion Exposed Maxi Dress - £95

Nazz Collection is inspired by catwalk fashion and deluxe trends, which the Nazz Couture collection represents the VIP-esque events, with the array of striking silhouttes and glamourous embellishment. Garments from this collection are perfect for the hottest events in your social calendar and ready for you to steal the limelight.

The Insta Shop allows you to directly find your preferred products through costumer’s pictures that have been featured on their Instagram account. This is a time saving game-changer, making people’s shopping experience more stress-free and easier.

Nazz Collection may sell high-quality, deluxe type garments, however, they want everything to be accessible and affordable for everyone to get a fair share of their items, which explain the decent prices and the easy navigation on the website. Also, with the option of world-wide delivery, you can get anything, any place, at any time.

Get Snazzy with Nazz Collection.

*All Pictures belong to Nazz Collection *


Left Jacket: Black Slinky Duster Jacket - £28

Middle Playsuit: Nude Cold Shoulder Plunge Gold Glitter Playsuit - £35

Right Dress: Harmony Luxe Tree White Silver Sequin Leaf Mermaid Fishtail Dress - £70



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