How Do You Find Your Happy Medium From Adverse Situations?


Happy Medium = Satisfactory Compromise 

When you see your ex, for the first time after your break-up, freely interacting with the opposite sex right in front of you….

When you have you work in a group and you don’t get the role/job you want….

When you don’t get the promotion you want….

Usually, in this instance, most people would naturally say “what will you do?”, instead of “how do you feel?”, because action speak louder than words. But, within yourself, those actions doesn’t represent those feelings and you are still burning from the situation. So how can you find peace?

Whether you’re finding peace through a break up or any rough situation, you need to be


Honestly is the best policy. You need see the bigger picture of the whole and figure out, what’s worth savoring and what’s worth letting go and leaving behind; besides some things are better left dead and buried.

Knowing where to put effort in is important because overdoing or concentrating on something too much will most likely over-complicate the situation; making you more confused, frustrated and angry about everything.

Inner Circle

The company you keep should be the closest and trustworthy. No matter how independent you can be, no-one should go through a rough patch by themselves. Confide and be honest with how you truly feel, to avoid any misconceptions or assumptions from their side and know where they stand with you. Most of the time, coming clean is better than keeping it in, because the last thing you would want to happen is ever single bit of emotion exploding out in one go.


The best thing to forget about certain things is to not think about the situation every single minute of the day, and the best thing for that is to find activities to take your mind off of things. From fitness to just reading, exploring new things to divert your mind from the craziness of the situation could do a lot of good for your well-being, as well as concentrating on something else and hopefully find the happy medium over time.


Things are not black and white. Situations have lots of complicated layers that makes it hard to solve, but if you evaluate yourself and the situation in hand properly, you may find you can avoid a lot of heartache and aggro.


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