Talliah Rose is Blossoming

Spotted: A fashion student that kick-started a fashion empire

Talliah Rose is a fashion label that provides the latest worldwide trends and aims to bring it to your very own doorstep.

The UK based brand was founded by 20-years-old Manchester Metropolitan fashion student Briony Gorton. In the short year of its establishment, the brand has already created a buzz on social media with over 37k followers on all social media channels combined.


Kimmy Pink Crinkle Strap Blouse - £20
Anastasia Black Mirror Detail Embroidered Short - £24

Taillah Rose provides a wide range of clothing, accessories and footwear, which show how the company has grown strength to strength in its first year. The Summer Shop consists of this years latest trends for the summer season, which includes bardot styled tops, ripped/lace-up jeans and mesh tops.

The shipping and delivery at Talliah Rose is very flexible, affordable and efficient. A vast range of delivery options is available, which includes Saturday delivery and International Shipping options, as well as the options of debit/credit card and Paypal as payment.

Watch Talliah Rose Grow

*Feature & Title picture belong to talliahroseuk.com*


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