Social Media Edition: A Moda Minx-Ture Collection

Moda Minx

Spotted: A fashion e-tailer that has a snazzy eCommerce site, as well as having nearly 200k followers on Instagram

Moda Minx is a fashion e-tailer that provides a special fashion experience; by using visual photography, social media and their costumer service to showcase their beautiful collection to costumers. They hope to make costumers more confident and help portray their individuality through the merchandise that they offer.

The Essex based fashion boutique has over 200k followers on all social platforms combined (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest), with 196k followers on Instagram alone. They also have a sophisticated website layout, where everything is categorized and designed in a specific way, to show the sleek colours and neatly presented tabs (like the social media platform section). This is to also attract costumers, yet enforce their idea of giving the “total fashion experience”.

Gold Feather Playsuit *Also Available in Pink and Black* – £45


Black Lace One Piece With Detachable Skirt *Also Available in Pink and White* – £40


Nude Top Flare Dress – £21.99


Snake Silk Belle Top *Also Available in Ruby, Navy, Magenta & Emerald* – £35

Moda Minx has an array of different types of clothing, from swimwear to knitwear, that has you covered for all seasons. With the variety of garments they offer, they aim to supply clothes that are suited for all occasions, whether it’s casual and cool or dressy and sexy.

However, their latest collection reflects the summer season, as the designs vary from the classic V-neck structure to being very bright and sparkly. They have also updated their swimwear collection by selling beautifully designed kaftans, swimsuits and bodysuits, with the designs consisting of patterns, appliques and jewels. 

Moda Minx allows international shipping, which makes the fashion boutique open to a wider audience. The difference between Moda Minx and its other competitors is frequently using the visual aspect to display their items, whether it’s using social media platforms or their website. They use this aspect effectively and this is what attracts the many followers they have, that regularly check out their latest updates. 

*All pictures belong to Moda Minx*

Gold Ruffle Kaftan *Also Available in Black, Peachy Pink* – £40 
Black Sequin Mosaic Top * Also Available in a Different Colour* – £29.99
Summer Cocktail 2 Piece Set – £14.99
Summer Silk Kaftan Dress – £29.99


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