Thou Shalt Forget Their Fashion Bible


In the name of the fashion, the clothes and the gorgeous accessories, I present to you The Fashion Bible.

With their celebrity inspired fashion style, the online boutique e-tailer provides you all the necessities to look like one, as well as live the lifestyle of a celebrity at very reasonable prices. With the unique and vibrant vibe that Fashion Bible gives, the costumers would feel modern, yet very satisfied with the type of products that they have to offer.


 Limited Edition White Crochet Playsuit – £30


Faux Fur White Shaggy Waistcoat – £29.99


Plunge Front Khaki Jumpsuit – £24.99


Keep Your Cool Maxi Dress – £20

From “Celeb Style” to “Bohemian”, it’s safe to say that Fashion Bible gives you a range of styles for you to have or even dabble in. Providing styles that will suit everyone’s taste so they can give the best online fashion service.

So, not only Fashion Bible sells fashion products for us to immerse into but, with their blog, they would give you handy and helpful fashion tips, advice and ideas for you to find your personal creative style, and also looking fashionable at all times.

So with the weekly update of fashion items and the helpful hand, you will never get lost with Fashion Bible.


Vintage Style Gold Coin Necklace – £17.99


Celeb Style Black Fur Trim Dress – £16.99


Celeb Inspired High Waisted Aztec Shorts – £15.99


Celebrity Style Slogan T Shirt – £9.99

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